About Me and the 3 B’s

So we meet again, About Me page.

Briefly, I’m a 35- 36-year-old writer and editor by trade, living in Washington, DC. I’m married with a baby on the way — something the husband and I tried for more than a year to make happen. Hence the “Babies” part of the title. When I first started the blog (September 2013), we were about six or seven months into the TTC process. Since then, we saw an RE (December 2013) and were diagnosed with unexplained infertility (March 2014). An IUI was immediately recommended. I balked, big time, at both the idea of an IUI and infertility, so we continued trying to conceive naturally and got a second opinion from another doctor (April 2014). Two months after the appointment, and after taking supplements recommended (Pregnitude and OvaVite for me, ConceptionXR Motility Support for the husband) by our new doc, we got our elusive positive pregnancy test (June 2014). Pregnancy was confirmed and we heard the kiddo’s heartbeat in early July 2014. In late July 2014, we learned through cell-free fetal DNA testing that our baby is at low risk for chromosomal abnormalities and is a girl! The husband and I are still trying to enjoy the hell out of 2014 because, knock on wood, February 2015 will bring us Baby Writer (aka Baby Dubya).

What about “Books”? Well, that’s me thinking that maybe, one day in the near future, I will finish the novel I started about two years ago. I’ve workshopped some chapters and get great feedback, but fear still holds me down. I could use more motivation on this front, to be honest.

“Beginnings”? Well, the original title of this blog was “Babies, Books and Business.” But that just made people think I was selling stuff. So I switched it to “Babies, Books and Career Blues” for a while. For about six months in 2013, I worked for what had to be the most passive-aggressive boss ever, in a job where I never knew what was coming, for a company that was on its last legs. I reoriented and focused intensely on a job search that yielded results quickly. In January 2014, I began a new job that I came to through the recommendation of a friend. I’m loving it and am thrilled to be a full-time writer again. It’s for a fantastic cause.

Also: I think 2014 will be a year full of new beginnings. And I’m so looking forward to that after letting negativity dominate my life in 2013.

This blog is me trying to enjoy and love and cope with all of the above.